What Is DNA Analysis?

Animal Insights LLC, offers a unique service for all animal owners that can provide information about the internal physical imbalances that may exist within their animals' body.  This is done though a specialized computer software system called Computerized Electro-Dermal Stress Analysis, or CEDSA, that can measure electromagnetic frequencies on a cellular level.  All cellular information about the entire body is stored within each and every cell, and it is active.  This is called bioelectromagnatism, and it can be measured. That means that the software actually can measure energy disturbances within the body before they are visible to the human eye

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We offer a systematic scientific approach to measuring these imbalances, while providing you, the animal owner, with a report of the imbalances that we find.  We have the ability to assess the DNA of most any warm blooded animal.  It is our goal to utilize this method to help animals regain their internal balance by "naturally looking inside". This energy method matches the frequency imbalance with an appropriate natural supplement or homeopathic frequency to allow the animals body to re-balance itself - and it's all natural!

Can You See Electricity? 
Since the invention of wireless technology, and with the amazing things that it can do, a question remains.  Can you see electricity?  Can you visually "see" a cell phone can emitting the sound of your voice and sending it though the air up to a satellite and back down on to the other side of the world?  Do you understand how that same phone can take a photograph of an image and send it through space to "reappear" on another device, perfectly arranged?  Do you remember the FM and AM radio and the crazy sounding frequencies that you had to "dial in" to get your favorite radio station? How did those frequencies not get all mixed up?  How did you "dial in" WAHC 1490 and not WFAC 960?  It's called electricity and it's all about frequencies and electromagnetic fields. 

This method of DNA analysis is from the same base technology, only a few decades later... and with advancement.  We can't "see" electricity with the naked eye directly, but we can see the results of electricity! We can see a light bulb light up, photographs, X-rays, MRI results, and watch an entire Hollywood film transmitted through the air and into a device! This is the SAME type of resonance as the DNA analysis.  

We are seeing the results of energy, and it's all around us!  Even though, you or I, may not fully understand it - energy still exists, and it is everywhere.  Energy is the force of life. It is the life force that our God created us with and the force that allows us to move, live, think and function!

Below is a video about what Dr. Mercola says about energy medicine:

Visit this page to read more about Dr. Mercola's view on this type of energy assessment.


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