Disclaimer Waiver & Consent

I understand that the computerized electro-dermal stress analysis system is a completely non-invasive method for gaining valuable information about your animal’s vital functions. The primary objective of the procedure is to

disclose patterns of stress and to provide feedback to help in suggesting a program to restore each system

and meridian (energy pattern) to balance.

I understand that the Computer Electro-Dermal Stress Analysis (CEDSA) survey does not provide a medical

diagnosis and that my testing technician may recommend further medical and/or veterinary testing. I you

suspect that your animal may need further medical intervention, you should consult your veterinarian.

I give permission for the testing technician to evaluate my animal on the CEDSA system. I understand that

by doing so the testing technician DOES NOT become my animal’s primary veterinarian.

I understand that the testing technician will give me information about my animal based on the evaluation,

and the technician may make suggestions to improve my animal’s health based on the technician’s opinion.

Any decision to follow through with the program suggested will be on my own decision as the animal’s

owner, and I will not hold the testing technician, Animal Insights, LLC, it’s owners, and/or any of it’s

associates liable.

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