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My husband, Jerry and I, are trained and certified in Computerized Electro-Dermal Stress Analysis or "CEDSA", since 2009.  This scientific technique uses a "bionetics" approach with a computerized analysis system that can measure a body's internal energy balance.  With the use of a hand-held stylus or probe, we are able to measure the body's electromagnetic energy through the acupuncture points and meridians on the hand and foot, and measure any imbalances through the computer software. It's completely non-invasive and painless, if done in person, but we use a special component of the computer system to analyze hair and/or fur DNA.  We have the ability to assess the DNA of many animals, from companion animals to exotic animals. It is our goal to utilize this method to help animals regain their innate natural internal balance.

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Currently, I am attending school through Kingdom College of Natural Health and working towards a  Doctorate of Animal Naturopathy Sciences.  This doesn't mean I will be a veterinarian, but I am on the path to becoming an Animal Naturopath. What I am training to do, is to educate people about how to care for their animals, naturally!  This means teaching and sharing things such as; why to feed your animal a species appropriate diet (that's raw meat and bones for our carnivore pets) and how to do it, reasons to only give your animals a minimal vaccine protocol (rabies is the only vaccine required by law), how to use natural remedies instead of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and flea or tick medications, and to educate animal owners on the necessities of fresh water, sunshine, excercise and tons of love!  See the page About Animal Naturopathy for more information!

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My past animal experience is fairly extensive and includes some wonderful and unusual opportunities.  For five summers, I worked at the Menominee Park Zoo, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where I did a variety of jobs; mostly feeding and caring for animals from everything from geese to exotics.  There, I bottle fed and handled tiger cubs, lion cubs, bear cubs, cougar cubs, fawns, and countless young and/or abandoned wild small animals.  I trained Ring-Tailed Lemurs for several years and for two years I performed elementary school educational programs in the Oshkosh Area School District for the Oshkosh Zoological Society with my special animal classroom.  Guest stars varied from Ring-Tailed Lemurs to Pot Bellied Pigs, hedgehogs to ferrets, and even a 7 foot python!  I developed and provided a spoken presentation program for children, discussing the importance of animals in zoos and shared our guest animals directly with the children in the classroom.

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I also have a wide range of experience working with hoofed stock of many types, both through the Zoo, and personally.  In 1990, I trained a Miniature Donkey to drive and pull a cart.  He was the Zoo mascot that year and the hit of the Independence Day Parade as he walked willingly and calmly down the streets of downtown Oshkosh for the crowd. I also worked with halter training many llamas, goats, and even a Zebra foal, for public presentation within the Zoo grounds. Additionally, I have some elementary falconry skills as I also worked with our resident rehab Great Horned Owl, "Frank", introducing him on jesses and presenting him to the public at the Zoo, as well.

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I was also employed at a veterinary clinic, as a vet assistant, in Milwaukee, WI, for a few months before we moved back to the Oshkosh area.  I also volunteered for the Milwaukee “ARC” (Animal Rehabilitation Center) where we would rehab injured urban wild animals to be released back into the outlying areas of Milwaukee County, (now a part of the Milwaukee Humane Society).  I also worked in retail at “PetLand” in Mayfair Mall as the Aquatics Department Manager for several months... I learned a lot about aquarium fish and still, to this day, I have a 60 gallon aquarium with African Cichlids!  I love fish!

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Additionally, I have owned, trained and shown horses for many years. I worked, for three years, with Arabian horses at a barn as a groom and assistant trainer for a gal who shows her horses on the Arabian Horse Show Circuit all across the country.  Owning two Quarter Horses of my own, in the past, I am well familiar with, and have ridden both Western and English riding styles, as well as Dressage and Jumping, at an amateur level. Once a horse lover... always a horse lover!!

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Over the last 20 years, I have owned two breeding pairs of Golden Retrievers.  With our current pair, my husband and I specialize in raising our puppies within our home and socialize them fully so that they are very ready and able to go into their new homes, and become a new family member at eight weeks of age... never before.  We love our pups and follow up with all of our puppy owners… we even have a “Puppy Party & Family Reunion” each year for our previous litters, where everyone, dogs and owners, get together for an “Ice Cream Social” for two wild hours of "doggie fun" in our fenced in backyard!  Most importantly, I guarantee that if ever a family can not keep their dog, for any reason, that they can contact me and I will provide a home for their dog until other arrangements can be made.  I deeply care about the future of these dogs and I never want to hear of one ending up in a shelter.

With my current pair, I have had four very successful, large litters, and have found wonderful homes for them all, way before eight weeks of age.  I have even had a waiting list each year for pups for our next litter. We are looking forward to qualifying for the Natural Rearing Breeders Association in the months soon to come!

Lastly, on a bit of a different note, for the last ten years, I have worked in the office at our church as a Computer Graphic Artist, designing brochures, signs, bulletins and any needed ministry print materials.  Even though this type of work was drastically different from my initial focus, in the animal field, I enjoyed it tremendously! However, I have never left my first love, caring for animals, and I am returning to the animal care field, now professionally.

Currently I am enrolled in Kingdom College of Natural Health in the School of Natural Animal Health to become a Doctor of Animal Naturopathy Sciences (DANs).  My education will take a couple more years, but in the midst of the required courses, I am learning all that I can, from many different sources, about natural animal care, and continuing in my fascinating work as a CEDSA technician analyzing animal DNA.

I am very much looking forward to advancing my career in animal care, with the emphasis on the natural health care aspect of animals... furry, feathered, hoofed and fin-ed alike!!

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