We offer several different packages to make this process as easy, affordable and convenient for you as we can! 

DNA Analysis - Young Animal  - $80.00

This analysis is for any healthy animal between the age of 6 weeks to 6 months.  This is the best time to address the genetic miasms to reduce the effects any inherited traits.  Start your young animal off on the right hoof, paw or wing and be proactive in natural care with this analysis! 

This analysis will cover:

     ✔ Genetic miasms

     ✔ Infections (bacterial, viral and fungal)

     ✔ Parasites (including Heartworm)

     ✔ Toxins (heavy metals and chemicals from vaccines)

This analysis takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete and also includes a 30 minute phone consultation with the owner to discuss the reports.  One follow up DNA recheck is $50.00.

DNA Analysis - Adult Animal - $120.00

This analysis is for any healthy animal that is age 6 months to 10 years old.  This is a wonderful time to address the genetic miasms and get ahead of any cellular level issues that may exist.  Balancing the body at this age can potentially change disease patterns and allow the body to function at top performance!

The analysis will cover:

    ✔ Genetic Miasms

    ✔ Infections (bacterial, viral and fungal)

    ✔ Parasites (including Heartworm)

    ✔ Allergies (food and inhalant)

    ✔ Chemical toxins 

    ✔ Free Radicals

    ✔ Heavy Metal toxins

This analysis takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete and also includes a 30 - 45 minute phone consultation to discuss the reports with the owner.  One follow up DNA recheck is $70.00 which includes a phone consult update.

Full CEDSA Screening - $190.00

This screening is for an animal that already has significant health issues, a veterinarian diagnosed disease, or it is for the owner who wants a fully complete analysis. It is never too late to have a full screening done to find out what the root issues of the imbalances are and allow the body the ability to overcome them.  All of the above items of the Health Analysis are covered here in more depth and also include:

    ✔ (Includes all of the above)  


    ✔ The top three major body imbalances (checks all systems and organs)

    ✔ Vital force measurements (method of measurement of a body system or organ         

             based on a scale of 1-100, where 1 is low and 100 is high)

    ✔ Muscular-skeletal system (teeth, joints and spine)

    ✔ Hormones

    ✔ Emotions

    ✔ Radiation & Geotoxins

This screening takes approximately 4-5 hours to complete and also includes a 45-60 minute phone consultation to discuss the reports with the owner. One follow up DNA recheck is 80.00 includes a phone consult update.

Nutritional Analysis - $40.00 

This analysis addresses the nutritional aspects of your carnivore or herbivore animals health.  

This analysis will cover:

       ✔ Current diet effectiveness

     ✔  Vitamin imbalances

      ✔  Trace mineral deficiencies

      ✔  Amino acid levels

      ✔  Protein level

      ✔  Food allergies 

This analysis takes approximately 1-3 hours and will include a 20-30 minute phone consultation.  If a diet change is necessary, a Nutritional Consultation will be suggested.

Nutritional Consultations  (Carnivore companion animals - dogs, cats, ferrets) 

If you are currently feeding your carnivore animal a commercially available dry kibble or canned food, you may desire further individual assistance with the "how to's" and "why's" of changing over to a raw meat, bone and organ diet.  We suggest a species appropriate whole prey model diet and that means that raw fruits and vegetables are optional, not a daily regular part of their diet. There are many educational links on the Raw Feeding page, but if you have a special circumstance or have specific questions, we are here to help guide you in the healthiest holistic diet available for your dog, cat or ferret.

Nutritional Consultations - 
30 minutes for $30.00  or  
60 minuets for $60.00 

Essential Oil Compatibility  -  Coming Soon! - $80.00

Have you ever wondered which essential oils your animal really wants or needs?  Very soon, you will have the opportunity to find out which essential oils are energetically compatible with your animal!  Don't waste your money with products for your animal that are not energetically beneficial for your animal.  Use this analysis to receive your animals' custom chart of effective oils. 

What's next

 To decide which analysis package is best for you and your animal, contact Ellen at Animal Insights to discuss your options.  Contact her on the Contact Us page or go to What Do I Need To Do to download 

and fill out the forms. 

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