What Can I Expect?

When can I expect results? Neither animal naturopathy, nor any other form of healthcare, offers the miraculous, although most report very rapid results. Truly great results come from positive behavior changes and the persistence it requires to maintain these changes long enough for the body to respond. The Animal Naturopath is attempting to stimulate and support the animal's own system to address the imbalance(s) that have damaged their health. Often, long-term underlying disturbances such as nutritional deficiencies or excesses, rather than the actual presenting health problem, must be addressed in order to allow the body to realign its natural state of optimal health. 

Why Should I Use An Animal Naturopath? 

Animal naturopaths can target a wide variety of conditions without the use of drugs and surgery, this is the primary reason clients choose to use them. Some clients want to compliment their animal's medical treatment with naturopathic modalities to receive the best that both practices have to offer. Some clients see a Naturopath because their animal has a health problem that has not been helped by conventional means. The goal is to identify and eliminate the root cause of the body imbalance, rather than suppressing the symptoms of what appears to be going on.  Animal naturopaths have extensive training in species specific nutrition, nutritional supplements and the safe use of alternative therapies.  The Naturopath respects the expression of symptoms as the body’s attempt to heal itself and knows that symptoms are not the disease or the cause of dis-ease. The Animal Naturopath takes into account the complex interaction of physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, and social factors when accessing an animal. Animal Naturopathy can be effective where other conventional systems fail. Animal naturopathy is not a fad; it is a natural approach to health, wellness, and healing. It recognizes the animal body as an interrelation of the body’s systems and it is part of a tradition of health that emphasizes finding and eliminating the causative agent of disease while supporting the body’s natural ability to heal. Animal Naturopathy, its philosophy and components, have been around as long as people and animals have, but until recently, have been overlooked in general health care. It is now once again gaining popularity as a primary healthcare system, just as it was for many hundreds of years. Used as a primary healthcare system, Animal Naturopathy subscribes to natural substances and modalities that enhance the healing power of the body. The body is a natural wonder and an efficient machine that always wants to self heal. In that mechanistic sense, it needs the appropriate care and fuel or it cannot function properly. Maintaining health is not complicated and it doesn't need to be expensive. When you think of all the encompassing factors of maintaining health, modern allopathic approaches are much more costly and have typically produced fewer results, both long-term and short-term. Animal Naturopathy will aid and assist your animal's natural ability to re-build, repair and maintain the body's natural tendencies to rebalance itself. 


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